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Leatherhead Club - Edel Fitting

Leatherhead Club - Edel Fitting

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The following sessions are available to book at Leatherhead Club. Please call or WhatsApp Jasper on 07528 940 540 to discuss your requirements, answer any questions and book in.


  • Edel Fitting - Putter - Approx. 90-120 mins (£125)
  • Edel Fitting - Wedge - Approx. 90-150 mins (£125)
  • Edel Fitting - Iron - Approx. 120-180 mins (£150)

The prices shown are for the fitting session. The costs for Edel Putters, Wedges, and Irons can be viewed here.

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    The Melbourne Club, Brocket Hall, Brocket Park, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 7XG


    Please bring your current putter to your fitting.

    The fitting will take 60 mins, during which the following three areas are covered:

    Biomechanical Analysis
    Fitting for AIM
    Fitting for FEEL (Weight, Distance Control)
    Your fitting will determine the best length, lie and loft, head shape, grip, hosel type, alignment aids, head weight, counter weight and internal shaft weighting.
    By the end of the fitting, we will have narrowed down the possible 88 million variations to find your perfect fit!
    This is a fitting like no other...


    Your perfect fit is determined by taking you through an in-depth 60 minute fitting session, which starts with a BioSwing Dynamics assessment.

    Following the assessment, we test a variety of sole grinds from the Edel SMS Wedge matrix to find optimal turf interaction. Lofts range from 47* to 61* with all four milled grinds available in every loft. We then fit you for shafts from the KBS and Nippon ranges. The adjustable Swing Match Weighting (SMS) fine tunes the fit.

    You can test three lofts during your fitting using ProV1’s. Grips (size, tape layers and orientation), ferrules, stamping, and paint fill are all offered as part of the fit. This is a wedge fitting like no other.


    Following a 60 minute in-depth fitting session, we'll determine the best placements of SMS weights and multiple other variables to ensure your custom built set unlocks the most accurate iron you've ever hit.

    A forged iron, hollow body design and 1025 carbon maraging steel face cup. The vibration dampening has been carefully chosen to replicate the sound and feel of a player’s forged blade. The sole features a Players Grind, helping with turf interaction.

    After you are warmed up, we hit 5 shots with your current 7 iron (or closest loft to 32*), to establish a benchmark. We then fit you into an equivalent Edel SMS Iron at the correct lie angle (the fitting matrix features 60*, 62* and 64* lie angles).

    We have 10 shafts including KBS, Nippon, Aerotech and True Temper. We then fine tune with grip, swingweight, lie and loft adjustments to ensure an iron fitting like no other.

    All measurements are validated in a controlled environment using Titleist Pro V1’s and tested in real world conditions.


    The initial consultation with Jasper is made of a playing interview, BioSwing Dynamic scan, equipment assessment and dynamic review. We never guess and always assess. Jasper's methodology is to take a holistic approach including biomechanics, equipment, source and sequence of motion as these are all interdependent and interrelated.

    Identifying the elements for immediate improvement is the first step whilst trying to ascertain the cause of these issues is paramount. We focus on what will facilitate the most progress with the least amount of disruption and focus on sound fundamentals - we coach the individual instead of teaching the student to follow a prescriptive formula. You will putt your best when we help you find your signature stroke.

    The initial consultation includes formulating a plan for continued progress and an awareness of areas of both strength and weakness. This lays the foundation for long term progress that involves finding the solution by going through the process.


    Following an Initial Consultation is a standard 60-min lesson. If needed, the standard lesson builds on the foundation of the initial consultation. It allows us to monitor and fine tune your progress and gives you continued help in making your putting a strength of your game.