About Edel Golf

About Edel Golf


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Based in Texas, USA, and founded by David Edel, the brand has become synonymous with innovation and individuality. Edel views each person as unique and treats each as such. For this reason, you cannot purchased Edel clubs 'off the rack'. Each club, customised and fitted to you. Think of it as a custom fit Saville Row garment, not something from M&S! With Irons, Wedges and Putters, Edel sets the standard in custom fitting, with no other brand coming close to the experience.


Edel Irons custom fit by The Golf Tailor

In an era of empty marketing hype and quick product cycles, Edel has developed a product & tailored service which stands out from the competition. Their fitters go through rigorous training to receive certification, having to demonstrate an in depth knowledge of the fitting methodology, biomechanics and club technology.


Edel Golf Wedges with The Golf Tailor

Offering a genuine tour level fitting to the general public truly sets Edel Golf apart. The Golf Tailor is an 'Edel Certified Fitter' and offers bespoke tour level fitting for putters, wedges and irons.


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