Edel SMS Wedges

Edel SMS Wedges

The release of the Edel SMS Wedges has created a buzz – why? Product releases are nothing new… In fact, they come around so often they are often dubiously scrutinized rather than anticipated. Many golfers seemingly feel that OEM’s over-promise, under-deliver or try to mislead the masses in order to flog product with the promise of lower scores. Imagine a company that stuck by its product for almost a decade and then improved on its offer with tangible results… enter Edel SMS Wedges.


Why all the fuss? Cobra and TaylorMade have introduced full-face grooves this year – an Edel staple for a decade. Cleveland has introduced a shorted and hollowed hosel – another design staple from Edel for over a decade. (To be fair, the Callaway S2H2 since 1988.) Three different wedge grinds (Trapper, Driver, and Digger) were available since inception, 10 years on some manufacturers don’t offer anything other than a Jack of All Trades grind.


Whenever a new product is launched, the collective golf community is eager to see what has come next. Often big on hype and short on substance, there is an eager crowd waiting to poke holes in the bluster that can sometimes come from executives looking for black at the bottom of balance sheets. What have the heavy hitters had to say?


Reviewed by Chris Nickel from My Golf Spy on April 2, 2021, the conclusion on Edel SMS Wedges was:

“With the SMS wedge, Edel is somewhere between optimistic and promising clear improvement for every golfer.”

A bold statement from a golf club review site known for its transparency and ruthlessness when calling out BS.


Ryan Barath of GolfWRX wrote the following on April 2, 2021:

“The 2021 Edel Swing Match wedges are taking the concept of custom fit wedges to a level that has never been brought to the short game before…”


“Edel is billing their approach to custom wedge fitting as something entirely new to golf, resulting in ‘the most innovative wedge in the history of golf.’ That’s a powerful statement from a brand that might not be at the forefront of the average golfer’s mind when thinking about purchasing a wedge. But guess what? They should be.

(Edel SMS Wedges) focus in on this distinction at a level that truly is innovative… and exciting. I was excited to see if the (Edel SMS Wedges) could provide me similar results as what’s listed in their marketing materials. Simply put: the answer is yes.

…Early performance shows me that these are truly a top contender for (the) best wedge of the year… I definitely saw improved spin numbers and shot dispersion…”


Report by Mike Stachura of Golf Digest on April 2, 2021.

Driving Range Heroes‘ press release from April 2, 2021, can be seen here.

Post by Nick Heidelberger of Golf Link from April 8, 2021.

Article by Joel Tadman of Golf Monthly on April 12, 2021.

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