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Dormie Workshop - Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Canada based Dormie Workshop, who are fast becoming the most sought after supplier of golf leather goods in the world.

Headcovers for all club types are their trademark items along with a range of additional leather goods. Each step of production is an art form, from the selection of their premium leathers, through the bespoke design phase and hand crafted production. Their products look amazing, feel incredible, thus fulfilling all the essential functionality and practicality requirements in style!

From one off originals to wholesale orders for clubs and golf brands, their talents have no limits. In their own words, you'll be purchasing a "handmade leather product, that'll rock your socks"!

Watch this space for some of our own original Dormie designs coming soon.

If you are a UK based club, please contact us to discuss bespoke covers for your members and pro shops on


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